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Everything you need to know about men’s bun!

New fashion in men’s hairstyle: men’s knob!

‘Hair bun’ made its mark on men’s hairstyle! Especially in the summer, this trend, which is carried first on the red carpet and then on the street style, increases its popularity. Wouldn’t you like to stretch your hair and make a tiny bun? Here is everything you need to know about men’s bun in this article!

Hair style

hair styles
hair styles

For the man bun, the sides of his hair should be shorter, and the middle part should come longer. For this, you should not cut the middle part of your hair for 6 months! She will show you the right style when she tells her hairdresser that she wants to stretch the middle part of her hair, just wants to cut her sides.
You should be careful to grow healthy while growing your hair. For this, after leaving the shower, you can apply the hair protection oil to the ends of your hair.

How to make a men’s bun?

After getting out of the shower, dehumidify your hair and apply hair protector oil. Once your hair is dry, make your long hair in the middle section with a buckle with a rubber scrunchy. To make your bun look messy and natural, you can pull out a few tufts of hair from inside your bun.

How can you combine the man bun?

You can adapt the knob to your destination. If you are going to an important business meeting, you can style your hair with jelly and make a bun. You can try messy and natural knobs at friend meetings. The choice is up to you!

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