curly or wavy hair

How to style long, curly or wavy hair?

Taking your hair under control is easier than you think!

While it may seem a bit difficult to control long, wavy or curly hair, it’s actually not what you think. Many men prefer to wear their favorite hats rather than style their hair. If so, you will never need it when you find out how easy it is to style and control your hair!

The most important way to create a long and voluminous hair style is to use the right product. Your hair styler should both show your hair flawlessly and give you convenience. You should choose hair styling products that can easily present you the shape you want.


When shaping her hair, it should be; It should be to protect her natural movement without covering her hair. You should uncover the waves and keep them out of sight, and you shouldn’t put all the styling on your hair.

Step 1:

Spread a small amount of styling backwards evenly across your entire hair with quick movements. If necessary, you can apply more styling tools.

Step 2:

Take tufts from your hair and wrap them around your index finger to create tiny curls. To make them look natural, you can comb and straighten your hair with your fingers. To make them look more messy, you can twist the tufts again and spread them with your fingers.

Step 3:

For extra volume, you can shake your hair with your hands and squeeze the hairspray that gives the right volume to the hair roots.

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