mohawk trend

Mohawk trend continues!

We are here to keep you from the trends!

One of the most popular hairstyles this year, of course, is “mohawk” looking hair! This trend, which has been going on since last year, continues this year as well. However, for such a haircut, the sides of the hair should be long and the middle parts should be between 4 or 8 cm.

Or haven’t you tried yet? Then it’s time! How can you take a look at our guide that we prepared step by step so that you can get this look?

First step:

When creating this hairstyle, there are some rules to follow to avoid mistakes. Among these rules, making the hairstyle suitable for the face shape and using suitable hair styling products are at the top of the list. In order to quickly shape your hair, they need to be elastic, you can do this using the right shampoo.

Second step:

Apply the styling gel with your fingers to your hair from root to tip. You can shape the tufts one by one with your fingertips for an upright look. If you want a messy look, if you want a mixed, neat look, we suggest you shape it in the same direction.

The third step:

Before going out with your flashy hair, don’t forget to apply a stabilizer spray to keep your hair steady all day long!

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