Privacy Policy

1. Definition of Confidential Information

Any information, invention, work, method, progress and patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret that is disclosed to the employees of the other party by one of the parties, staff, or employees, even if it is not subject to legal protection, during any other innovation and relationship between the parties. All commercial, financial, technical information and speech information that they will learn in writing or verbally are considered confidential information.

2. Protection of Confidential Information by the Other Party

The parties are obliged to disclose their confidential information to each other as required by their relations. Each party accepts and undertakes that they cannot be held responsible for the missing or incorrect confidential information disclosed to them by the other party. The parties shall disclose this confidential information disclosed to them by the other party;

a) Protection in a great secrecy,

b) not to give and / or publicize any third party in any way,

c) undertake not to use it directly or indirectly for purposes other than the commercial relationship between them.

The parties agree and undertake to show the same care to protect their confidential information in protecting the confidential information of the other party. Parties can only give this information to their subordinates who need to learn and other people who work under them, in case of necessity and due to their work, but they warn their subordinates and other persons who work in connection with them regarding the confidentiality of the information. The parties agree and undertake in advance that their sub-employees and other employees working under them will not be in breach of this contractual obligations and will be directly responsible if they act like this.

At Menshairstyletrends.Net, we respect your privacy and strive to ensure this during your time on our site. Definitions regarding the security of your personal information are described below and presented for your information. If you have any questions about the contract, please feel free to email info [at] Menshairstyletrends.Net. As Menshairstyletrends.Net, the privacy of our visitors is one of our priorities.

Log Files

As with many standard web servers, log files for statistical purposes are recorded on Menshairstyletrends.Net. These files are; Your IP address contains standard information such as your internet service provider, features of your browser, operating system, and your login and logout pages. Log files are never used for statistical purposes and do not violate your privacy. Your ip address and other information are not associated with your personal information.


The word “cookie” is used to describe a small text file that the web page server places on your computer’s hard disk. Some parts of our site may use cookies to provide user convenience. In addition, cookies and web beacons may be used for the collection of advertising data through the ads available on the site. Some advertiser partners may use cookies and Web beacons. These advertiser partners are in Google Adsense. These unconnected servers and ad networks can send information to your browser using their technologies on Menshairstyletrends.Net. This is done entirely with your permission, and it is possible to prevent this by changing the settings of your internet browser upon your request.

If you want to cancel your cookies, you can set them in your browser options. Please check your browser’s help files for more detailed information.

External Links

Menshairstyletrends.Net site links to many different internet addresses due to the nature of the internet. Menshairstyletrends.Net is not responsible for the content or privacy principles of the sites that it links to, promotes banners. The linking process mentioned here is considered as “referencing” legally.

Google AdSense Program Policies

Sites showing Google ads may not contain the following:

Violent content, racial discrimination or a violent attitude towards any individual, group or organization,
– Pornography, adult or mature content,
– Content related to computer / software piracy,
– Illegal drugs and drug production devices,
– Use of profanity and excessive language,
– Content related to gambling or casino,
– Content related to programs where users are paid for clicking on ads or offers, searching, browsing websites or reading e-mail,
– Repetitive or irrelevant keywords that are used too much in the content or code of web pages.
– Search engine ranking of the site, for example; misleading or deceptive content or design to increase the page ranking of your site.
Sale or promotion of weapons and weapon ammunition (eg rifles, fighting knives, stun guns),
Sale or promotion of beer or hard alcohol drinks,
– Sale or promotion of tobacco or tobacco products,
– Sale or promotion of prescription drugs,
– Sale or promotion of copies or imitations of products of special design or trademark value,
– Sale or promotion of term papers or student articles,
– Any other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activities or violates the legal rights of others.

As Menshairstyletrends.Net accepts Google Adsense program policies, it does not include the above mentioned topics and applications.


Regarding the privacy policy implemented on Menshairstyletrends.Net site; You can send us any questions, opinions and thoughts from info [at] Menshairstyletrends.Net.