normal hair

Special hair care for normal hair

Keep your hair alive and shine!

How lucky are you if you have lively and shiny hair! But you shouldn’t stop taking care of your hair because your hair looks healthy and shiny. Protecting and maintaining our hair, especially affected by seasonal transitions, helps our hair to look alive for a long time. So, how should a normal-haired man take care of hair?

The right shampoo

Using shampoo suitable for hair type is the most important item of hair care. If you use products specific to normal hair types, your hair care will be much healthier. So how do you know your hair is normal? If you have strong, flexible, moist and shiny hair, you have the normal hair type.

Use conditioner

You should definitely use a conditioner with every wash. Apply the conditioner specific to normal hair to the ends of your hair and let it sit for 5 minutes. After rinsing well, enjoy your soft hair.

Hair mask

If you want to maintain the vitality and shine of your hair, we recommend using a hair mask once a week. Apply the hair mask to your hair after shower and wrap your hair with a towel. Heat-combining hair mask will be more effective. After holding it for 5-8 minutes, rinse your hair with warm water.

Styling choice

When styling your hair, you should use products suitable for the hair type. Keeping your hair as far away from heat as possible will prevent your hair from becoming dull. When styling your hair, you should get help from jelly, mousse or hair spray.

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