Take control of your oiled hair!

Get control gold in a few steps of your over greased hair!

Every man’s nightmare is oily hair. Although you often wash your hair, the extra greasy and shining hair in your hair can be annoying during the day. Did you know that you can take control of your oiled hair in a few steps? How Does? Read on!

Why our hair is oiled?

The oil glands in our hair roots provide the softness and elasticity of our hair. But for some reason, the excess amount of oil produced can cause a shiny and oily appearance on our hair. Especially during adolescence, our bodies look more oily and therefore shiny because our body releases more fat.

Environmental factors

Excessive sweating, air pollution and smoking in closed areas during the day causes extra lubrication of your hair. Healthy life, drinking plenty of water, taking vitamin B will reduce the lubrication of your hair.

How can you control oily hair?

You should use shampoo suitable for your hair type for oily hair. These shampoos and care treatments, specially produced for oily hair, control the lubrication of your hair and provide healthy and shiny hair. In addition, you can prefer warm water instead of hot water when washing your hair. You should apply your shampoo by massaging the scalp for 5 minutes.

After paying attention to your lifestyle and the products you use, you can say goodbye to the problem of excessive greasiness in your hair!

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