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How do we understand male pattern hair loss?

One of the biggest nightmares of men is to lose their hair. The best way to slow down hair loss starting in the 20s is early diagnosis. So how do you know your hair is falling out?

What are the symptoms of hair loss?

-Male-type hair loss starts from the forehead area. For this reason, you can easily notice this in your daily life. One of the points you need to pay attention to is how many strands of hair fall out per day. 120-150 hair loss per day is normal, if you have more than 150 hair loss, it means your hair is falling out seriously.

Note from the editor: Hair loss may increase during seasonal transitions or stressful periods, so you should follow your hair loss for 2 months. If there is no change, we recommend starting treatment.

Another way to understand that your hair is falling out is to expand the line in the middle of your hair. If a wide line is formed when you split your hair in half, it means that your hair has started to fall out. You can easily notice this image from your photos.

How to prevent

When you notice that your hair is falling out, you should start treatment to strengthen the hair strands. For this, you can use shampoos and cures suitable for male pattern hair loss. Strengthening your hair is in your hands!

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